Saturday, August 06, 2005

Boats and Moorings

There are people who invest their money in boats. New narrow boats are being produced at a high rate. The only problem is that the supply of moorings is not keeping up with the demand. BW and public enterprise are creating many new marinas but finding suitable places 'off the cut' and getting planning permission takes time. Some boaters are able to travel around the canal system and don't need a mooring.

There are also people looking for cheap second hand boats to live on. They cannot afford to buy a house these days. BW and private land owners provide moorings 'on the cut'. Some boats taking up space on the canal don’t display a licence. BW are not really doing enough to control this growing situation.

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Jo said...

Having read your piece on boats and moorings I totally agree. If the demand keeps increasing the way it is already the canal system will be over flowing. I have seen just lately that BW have posted aware stickers on some boats we have passed, but how many of these boats are ever moved on, and what happens to the ones that are moved on?
Narrowboats are a cheaper form of home, but it does pay if you know something about boating before you take one on.
Happy boating chas and Ann