Thursday, August 04, 2005

A hold up

So after a few days enjoying the scene in Derbyshire we left. Further on a man ran round a bent waving frantically. "Stop here, there's a tree down". Sure enough just round the bend was a queue of 4 boats. Two lovely huge willows had fallen across the canal and the branches were blocking the tow path as well. A 'Black Prince' hire boat was first in line and had called BW. They had also rang the hire company to say they may be back late. They only had 2 days to get back to Stoke on Trent, a full 48 lock miles away. We enjoy travelling at about 10 lock miles a day. So they are pushing it. The canals are better seen at the slower pace. The men from BW had cleared enough to pass by late afternoon and all the boats moved off very quickly. We stayed the night.

Tree down

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