Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fradley Junction

From Rugeley we passed Armitage through 2 miles of narrow canal with Ann walking up front with Molly looking out for approaching boats. There are passing places but caution is required due to many blind bends. Several boats managed to pass. Stopped at the end of the top lock landing before the junction for the night. Some boats were still coming up after 9pm that evening and the lock landing became full of moored boats.

Set off after breakfast and went down as boats had started coming up. Only 3 locks to the junction but many boats were queueing to come up. The junction by the Swan pub is always cluttered with boats waiting to go up the locks or just moored. Squeezed through and turned right on to the Coventry canal. After 5 miles going south we found a spot just north of Whittington to moor for a quiet weekend.

Later in the afternoon NB 'Maria Jessie' went by. Ann recognised it as one of the 'blog'er boats and chatted to them as they passed. They are on their way to the boat gathering at Preston Brook near the Manchester Ship canal. The work boats 'Nuneaton' and 'Brighton' passed by after getting stuck on a mud bank. I wonder how many more times they get stuck due to the lack of depth. These old boats were designed with a draught of 4 foot 3 inches when fully loaded.

Nuneaton & Brighton

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