Saturday, August 13, 2005

Market Drayton

We approached from the north and stopped on the 5 day moorings before Lords Bridge. Don't quite understand why BW invite boaters to moor at 'Visitor Moorings' only to find they are not deep enough! Next day we walked into town to 'enjoy' the market day. Fruit and veg in abundance. Ann got a new bag.

Back at the boat we set about placing an order to Tesco on the net. The first thing you need is a local post code so we used Ted's Boat Yard which we happened to have. Then go to Street Map to find a suitable road for the delivery. Pity you then cannot find a more suitable post code. Our instructions for the driver enabled him to find us from Stoke on Trent without resorting to a phone call.

Our friends John & Sue invited us to their house for a cup of tea and a chat. They told us that 'Ted's Boat Yard is to close. Shame cos their diesel was only 38.5p! Apparently they cannot afford the rent since it has been increased. A café and canal ware shop has already left. There are plans for a new housing estate and a 'Boat Share' operation is moving in.

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