Wednesday, August 31, 2005


We are doing our bit to cut down the towpath vegetation. British Waterways have a 'Veg Pledge' but are not keeping up with the rapid growth. So it seems that the only way to get off the boat and tie up without getting stung is to cut it back ourselves.



David said...

Hello to you both. It was good to see you too as Maria Jessie passed you. Afterwards we both wish we had stopped to have a chat with you. Next time we will. We have just got back from a trip to Preston Brook to the IWA festival. It was probably a bit too much of a challenge for our first trip, and thye time available but we did enjoy it.

Best wishes

Jo said...

Hey chas when you are done cutting your bit of towpath back, how about doing the rest LOL,,,,, joking.
I have to agree, that in somw areas the towpaths are in a real need of cutting back, and yes it means us boaters getting the shears out. BW may have made a pledge but like you I am unsure they have kept it up. Although on saying that we did see some BW guys with strimmers out above Meaford locks in Stone, so it is not all bad. If your passing through Stone come and say hello we are now moored in Roger Fullers yard above Lime Kiln Lock.