Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cracking glass

We had turned at Ellesmere so it was a sideways move to the facilities. Once we were 'full n empty' we were off in sunshine and showers all the way to Prees. Quite a surprise to find thick ice down the arm as we went for diesel. Very noisy all the way wondering how we would get the boat to turn onto the wharf. It took several goes to break up the ice and push it away.

People in their boats were taking pictures! "Like they've never seen a boat come in for diesel?" It was easier getting out but it still sounded like breaking glass. Ann had made soup using one of those butterburs and other vegetables. By the time we had got out of the arm and moored it had gone 2 pm before we could eat it!

There was no phone or Internet signal so next day we set off early even though it was a Sunday! The sun came out making it a good trip to Whitchurch.

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