Friday, December 21, 2012

Preparations for a birthday

Once again we filled our larder with goodies even though it is some way to the shops at Whitchurch. This time we got some festive fair - a three bird roast, mince pies, crackers, brandy butter, nuts, box of wine etc. Ann has made the special pudding as always and the cake of course.

We bid farewell to Colin n Tina on Go For It as we set off for Wrenbury. A dry mild day encouraged the move. Just stopped at Grindley Brook for a water top up and to loose the unwanted. It maybe our last chance before the great day when we celebrate a birthday!

The post arrived and we have decorated the boat with the Christmas cards that have arrived so far.

*** HAPPY CHRISTMAS *** to all our readers where ever you are!

We wish you a good New Year

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