Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plan B, turn at Ellesmere

What happened to plan A? Long-term plans can be broken if they do not work out. We had dipped our toe into Wales and stopped at Cole Mere.
Our mooring among the trees being protected from the frost.
The sun came out and we walked round the Mere.
Only an hour among the trees along a well made path.

Friends rang to beckon us off the Ellesmere canal, as the Shropshire Union is now open. The Ellesmere will close in January so we would not get off till March. John on Epiphany had told us that they were asked to get off the Montgomery because that was closing. Careful planning now required ensuring we are near facilities as winter closes in.

After a refreshing drink we set off for Ellesmere in sunshine and were lucky to find a space opposite the facilities. The short arm into town was full of boats and ice. We got an evening appointment for Molly to see the Vet. "Just a booster, worm pills and a manicure." A chance for us to walk through the town to see the seasonal decorations all lit up in the streets.
A few frosty days followed so we will stay a while.

Look after your batteries while it is cold, as they may need charging twice a day. If your system has temperature compensation the charging voltage may well be as high as 14.8 volts.

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