Sunday, December 02, 2012

Short hops

While it was dry we got up the locks at Grindley Brook. That top lock was full of rubbish. Leaves, dead animals, twigs, branches, shoes, plastic bags and goodness knows what else. It proved difficult to keep the prop clear as we crawled out. While Ann was dealing with the water supply I was in the weed hatch pulling out that plastic bag. "A large bag that at one time had contained horse feed!"

Once clear and full we moved on to Whitchurch and got the TV tuned in before it rained. Must not complain but why is it that within two miles some channels are not now available? We saw Colin n Tina on Go For It on our way to the shops. Apparently a new Sainsbury's is to open soon.
 C & R T men doing some work on the bridge

Another few days and we were off again to stop near the Prees Branch. It was a very cold but sunny day and many fields were flooded with icy lakes. Originally they were peat bogs but now a Nature Reserve.
If only we had kept them as bogs so that all the rainwater could drain away.
We have stayed long enough to put out the bird feeders. Within hours they were visited by various song birds and a large male Pheasant!
Ah! Mince Pies, deep n delicious.   We don't get that very often!

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