Sunday, December 09, 2012

The more you look, the more you see

After the weekend we moved down the Prees Arm for diesel, just two bridges to lift and one mile to the marina at the end. "Just as well that the pump was self service because the office was closed." The pump was switched on once we had inserted our debit card! No declaration was signed because the price was set at 95 pence a litre. This marina is owned by C&RT. We asked a local if we could use the other facilities. "OK by me but they are really for the moorers here."

Once that was done we set off back to Whitchurch in sunshine with the washing machine doing the cleaning. The new Sainsbury's has opened and found up the hill behind the church. The town has more to offer than first meets the eye. Although it is a 20 minute walk it is worth going. It now supports Tesco, Sainsbury's, Iceland, Lidl and Argos. We even found car spares, pet shops and a vet. Fiona's café by Tesco provided us with food n drink at lunchtime.

A wet n windy night followed the sunny day but we woke to sunshine again. Go For It was heading for the facilities at Grindley Brook so we followed. It proved quite tricky to turn with the wind and the river flow. After a chat with Colin n Tina we all set off back to Whitchurch. While they went back down the arm we continued on intending to get to the Prees Arm. But it got wet n windy so we stopped short. Unfortunately there was no net signal so after lunch we moved on. Once again the wind made it difficult to stop and tie up. "It took all our strength to keep the boat against the side."

A sunny day followed and we set off for a walk. Then Epiphany drifted by. John n Fiona chatted for a while before moving on.
After our walk we settled down to a quiet weekend in the middle of nowhere after moving to visitor moorings at Whixall Moss.  Here the new gritty tow path is great for walkers but it gets into the boat!  Ann is feeding the birds.


Les Biggs said...

hello my friends
Hope you are both keeping warm.
Is the sainsbury store a lage one or just a local small/metro size?

Chas and Ann said...

Well as you see in the next blog winter closes in but we are warm enough Les.

That new Sainsbury's is 20 minutes up hill and huge.

Enjoy Christmas you two.

Chas n Ann