Monday, June 07, 2010

Americans ‘over here’

Not a planned meeting, it just happened.  We had moved south of Braunston when Sue rang.  They were not far away so we moved on after doing some painting.  First stop was to see Bob and Jane on Hobo.  They are normally in the marina and had popped out for the weekend.  The table and chairs were out on the tow path when we found No Problem.  One more coat of paint before a cup of tea out in the sunshine.
Our blog readers from America had come over again and have hired a narrowboat.  Did they just happen to see us and stop, or was it pre arranged?  We had no idea they were here.  It was the first time for quite a while that we had seen Sue n Vic, yet here we are again all together meeting blog readers!  I was in the galley washing up.  “Yes I do most times”.  I heard my name being called from a passing boat.  “Is that Chas?”  Ken Averil, Mary Lou and family stopped by to say hi.  Good to see you guys.  It seems that canal blog writers have influenced them to come over and experience our country way of life.  May they enjoy their discovery of the Oxford Canal.  It was Ken who has read our book ‘Life With a Narrow Boat’ and encouraged me to continue writing.
Next day Sue n Vic were on their way again but not before our first ‘well deck’ tea party.

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Pip - nb Windsong said...

Hi Anne, love the new haircut!!
love Pip xx