Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time to paint

I have time to put a few more coats to put on those well deck lockers and sort out some of their contents.  “Now where did I put that thing.”  Then we moved to Calcutt just for a change of view but as the phone and internet signal was unreliable we moved again next day.  Then we popped in to Wigrams marina for diesel as we knew they allow us to declare our use for travelling.  Diesel for moving the boat has extra tax so we are required to work out what percentage to claim.  Then the supplier has to work out how much to charge!  It is just too much trouble for some like Braunston Marina who force you to pay the higher rate.
The bloke who filled our tank recognised the name of our boat and told us that More To Life was for sale here.  That was our previous boat so we just had to get the key and have a look inside.  It was really sad to see her in such a state.  Unloved and empty for a year apparently.
Ann has been polishing the outside of our boat but now she is suffering from a repetitive strain injury so I have taken Molly for a walk and cooked dinner.


Del and Al said...

Hi Chas & Anne
The lockers look great! The name of the BBQ is 'Son of Hibachi' and the link on Amazon is

I know that the IWA also sell it, and variou other websites, so might be worth shopping around for best price.
Take care x

Carol said...

Fancy seeing your first boat in a sad condition I can imagine that it would be quite upsetting. By the way we also have a son of hibachi - George thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread!