Tuesday, June 15, 2010


After several days over the weekend of worry, pain and loss of sleep we managed to get Ann to see a Chiropractor.  Several options had been considered but the best one was to go to Banbury where we had been before.  A phone call secured an appointment the same day and we got on the bus from Braunston.  It was a long bumpy trip taking well over the hour exploring the countryside on the way!  By the time we had walked up to the Cross and beyond we had had enough of it and resolved to get a taxi back.
Marc remembered us when we met again and soon got to work with his healing hands.  Apparently several muscles linking shoulder with backbone and ribs had gone into spasm.  Half an hour later Ann was relieved of pain, only a dull ache remained.  Now it is a case of more rest and ice pack treatment to complete the recovery.  The taxi got us back to the boat comfortably in less than an hour so it was worth all that expense.

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Maureen Davies said...

Oh Dear Ann hope your feeling better now and on the mend again