Monday, June 07, 2010

Join the queue

Our friends Terry n Myra left in the morning at Crick by hire car.  Now we have to get back our normal routine but feeling lonely at times.
It is inevitable after the show that we all leave in a convoy.  The steam boat President was half an hour in front of us with several other boats besides.  Going through Crick tunnel was a bit scary because of all the mist left behind.  “I could not see in front or behind, it was just blackness.”  Once through the tunnel we joined the queue at the locks.  Three boats came up while the hours ticked by slowly.  We had time to sit and relax with a few sandwiches.  It is raining and we are tucked under the noisy M1 motorway near Watford services.
President on the way down
Once we had got into the first lock it did not take long getting down and all the way to Norton Junction.
The next day we filled up our water tank and moved on down to Braunston in warm sunshine with many other boaters following.

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