Saturday, June 12, 2010

Visitors and flowers

It was breakfast in bed for Ann after a bad night.  A cold ‘chiropractic’ pad helps to reduce the pain of a torn muscle.
Way back when we started boating at Newbury Phil and Deborah kept their boat in the same marina.  They have two weeks off work, managed to get all the way to Braunston and are now on their way back.  Good to see them both again when they stopped for tea and a chat.
Summer has returned again and our ‘garden’ of flowers is looking good on the roof.  The weekenders are out and about again and more often than not two boats are passing our mooring in either direction quite frequently.  Every now and then we have a sort out of boat contents.  In the navy it was called ‘Captains rounds’.  If we have not used it for a year it must be disposed of.  An attempt to sell some of it at the Crick show was not very successful so it will be in the bin soon where boaters can take their pick.


Sue said...

Oh dear Annie! Too much polishing comes to mind!

Hope you will be feeling better soon..

Carol said...

Hi Ann, Chas, sorry to hear that your shoulder is giving you'jip' and that you'll be feeling better soon.