Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting away from Braunston

We were soon back in the water and heading for the marina.  A bus ride all the way to Banbury and a train to Winchester / Southampton to see family was our first get away.  Quite a lot was achieved and several days later we were back on board.  Ann popped up to the shops while I filled the water tank and emptied our travel bags.  Ann has almost completely recovered from those strained muscles and thanks all those who contacted her.
Braunston Historic Boat Gathering was gaining pace and we were lucky to get out before events really got going.  As we left the marina another boat arrived to fill the space.  All moorings in and north of Braunston were occupied by boats nearly to Willoughby where we stopped at a shady spot for the weekend.
A full boat called Roach passing by our mooring
I find it quite sad to read the ‘stoppage’ reports.  The Caen Hill lock flight is still closed due to a ‘boat strike’ which destroyed a lock gate.  Canals do need more Respect and Support from boaters, public and government.  The summer months bring out all sorts to enjoy the waterways but they seem to lack respect for the system and other boaters for that matter.  Some are just petty criminals when the ‘tow path telegraph’ report items missing off boat roofs.

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