Monday, June 07, 2010

Well deck mods

We went to see Dave Thomas before going up to Crick and asked him to make some well deck lockers.  The well deck is at the front of the boat above the water tank.  The deck is about 5 ft square and we had wooden boxes and a small chest of draws to store paint tins, tools and mooring equipment.  Over the years we accumulated more stuff which really needs sorting out as it is overflowing the containers.  It was never tidy and we could not sit out there.
Although Dave and Barry are strictly metal workers engaged in building a new boat they set to and spent two days on our boat.  They even managed to make the wooden tops for us.
So now we have steel lockers with wooden tops which act as seats and storage.  Most boats have similar facilities.  We elected to do the painting so we could get away before the weekend.
While we were by the wharf we got Tesco to deliver goodies and saw no less than three boats being craned into the water almost over our heads!

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