Saturday, March 21, 2015

A tour of the canals

We relied on 'Tommy' to get us to Bugbrooke, Braunston and back to Cropredy.  It was strange for us to see these familiar places once found by boat and now by car.

At Bugbrooke we met Mike Looby to talk about painting the boat in Heyford Fields Marina this year.  We had drawn and coloured in pictures to show him what we would like.  He showed us some colour charts and we made our choices.  No fixed date as yet but hopefully July.

Then it was off to Braunston for the shop and butcher.  Both still there including the Post Office.  The little cafe run by volunteers provided refreshments.  We got a new map book at the Marina and visited Jane and Bob Moore.  They used to have a boat called 'Hobo'.

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