Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We have turned

Got down through Banbury lock, stopped near the Tramway moorings and went to Morrissons.
Just waiting for a boat to come up.

The Sovereign diesel supplier has closed.  It is a good job Dusty is still working hard with his supply boat full of diesel, coal and gas.  We passed him doing his business on our way back.

A boater told us that the pound above Bourton Lock is a bit low so we have stopped just below it.  TV and fire on at four.  Several boats have gone on up.


Sue said...

I think Sovereign at Banbury has only closed for the winter period. He will open around Easter I guess.

I also would guess that you wouldn't have ben buying diesel there anyway Chas eh?!! ;)

Chas and Ann said...

Mark Boardman on 'Dusty' told me that the owner of Sovereign retired. The new owners are not going to supply diesel. Moorings are still there.