Friday, March 20, 2015

A trip by car and boat

Sue n Vic on No Problem are heading down to the river Nene.  We were only a half hour drive away by car so off we go to Rothersthorp to help.  'Tommy' did the navigation for us once the post code from Sue was entered.  Robert, Kevin and his mum Sheila had started setting up the locks as we arrived.
We all met at bridge 4 and helped them down.  Kevin had gone on down to fill the locks ahead so Ann went down to join him.  Despite the cool cloudy day we kept warm with the activity.   As the boat passed we could smell the soup made by Vic, promised to revive us all near the bottom of the flight.
Once passed under the M1 we got on board as the locks were further apart.  Refreshments were taken inside the warm boat after getting through lock 15.  Then it was just two more locks down to the river.
Thanks to Robert who arranged the lift back up to the top.  We both enjoyed being able to rejoin the boating community if only for a short time.  Having two homes and getting away helps to break habits!
Back in 1999 we watched a solar eclipse when we were living in our bungalow.  I remember the street lights coming on!  That was before we set off on our adventures on the inland waterways.  Now we are back on board for holidays and experienced another eclipse!  I made a pin hole projector and saw the moon cover the sun.

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