Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Don' tempt Providence

But we plan to get back to the boat soon.  Seems that the more you really want to do some thing fate gets in the way.  Now it is sort of farewell gatherings with family and friends before we can get away!  I seem to be almost stuck in the 'office' sorting out problems with finance, medicals and keeping in touch.

So many things to think about.  What do we take back to the boat for the 'summer' months?  Part time boating is so different to living permanently on board.   I guess we will get used to it once we have got there.

I have invested in a 4GEE dongle so I can have WIFI where ever I go.  It is almost faster than the BT Hub!  BT keep on pestering me to upgrade to 'Infinity' but the fibre line terminates some way from the property.  We would still have copper wire to the phone/hub inside!  How can that be faster?  The fibre line would be better all the way into the building.

We realise that it is still cold in the evenings.  Our bungalow keeps us warm and cosy.  After a wonderfully sunny day out in the garden it was freezing when we let Molly out that evening!  So we will take warm clothing when we go this time!

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