Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back to the boat

It took a few hours to get up to Cropredy.  Monday was busy on the road with lorries and cars heading north on the A34.  When we arrived at the marina we grabbed a wheel barrow and unloaded the car into the boat.
It actually did not take long to wake up the boat systems.  The batteries had been kept full by the solar panels.  The water tank had been left nearly empty so after popping in a chlorine tablet we pumped the water out through the taps before filling it with fresh water.  Gas on and kettle boiling for that refreshing  cup of tea.
The boat was cool n dry when we arrived.  Just pressed the button to warm up the radiators and the boiler started up even after that year we were away.  The windows started to show the condensation once we started living on board.  After packing away food and clothing we lit the diesel fire to dry and warm the boat as it cooled outside.
We had brushed out the spiders, made the bed and put in a hot water bottle.  By now we were knackered!  For some reason a different set of muscles are used on a boat!  Got the aerial back on the roof and turned on the TV, by now we had plugged into the shore power.
 This is my new 4GEE My WiFi dongle.
 Next day we walked round  to the shop in Cropredy. We are not as fit as we were! But it was good to get back to the towpath.


Sue said...

So pleased you are both back aboard. It is going to be like fresh air to you both and pleased too that you got yourselves out and about as well.

I bet you cant wait to get going, take it easy, go slowly, take your time and most of all...

Enjoy! :) xx

Carol said...

Hi Ann, Hi Charles,
Good to see you back at the boat, have a lovely time and as Sue says take it easy and enjoy! xx

Elsie said...

Good to see you back on your boat. We found it strange and very tiring when we went cruising this week after winter in the marina. Love Elsie & Eric

Chas and Ann said...

Thanks to you three ladies. We are busy spring cleaning!

KevinTOO said...

Yeah, how nice to have you back on the cut... full steam ahead Captain (well perhaps no more than tick-over really). :)

Geoff and Mags said...

Well done, both.
Glad you're back aboard. How did you get on with the spiders, Ann?

Jennifer said...

So glad to here you are back on your wonderful narrowboat. We are off in another 4 weeks over to UK for our usual 5mths and can't wait - hope to catch up with you maybe on the 'cut'. Life is so precious - live every day to the full. Jennifer and Peter (presently in Tasmania) nb. Mactra's Filia