Thursday, March 26, 2015

Testing times

Before setting off I managed to wash down the other side and roof before it got damp.

We got the engine going, then the washing M/c.  Just to prove that we are not just fair weather movers we set off.  Above Bourton Lock the level was a bit low and we continued but picked up a thick plastic bag round the prop.  Thanks to Sue for suggesting getting those rubber gloves.

The shallow un dredged pound made it difficult to get the boat round the corners.  We stopped at the top of Slat Mill lock, lit the fire and hung out the washing.  By now the sun was helping to dry it all.

We had subscribed to Netflix and hoped that our streaming problems did not spoil the movie.  Logged on but before we could watch it they wanted me to download Silverlight.  So much better with no pauses.  I have just had to pay a bit extra to EE because I have used my allowance!

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